Lent Day 37

Another event to contemplate during Lent is the baptism by John the Baptist. John was prepared over many lifetimes for this extraordinary event. Not only... Read More

Lent Day 36

When contemplating the road to Golgotha it is good to remind ourselves about where it began. The birth of Jesus who was specially prepared to... Read More

Lent Day 33

The Christ Being is the central point of all esoteric knowledge. Unless we see this Being as the focus, esoteric knowledge is pointless. There is... Read More

Lent Day 3

“Everything we feel, every thought we have, and every action we take, creates the outer world. If we are unhappy with society we only have... Read More

Lent Day 2

“To perceive the reality of the super-earthly within the earthly, a far greater inner activity must be unfolded. Contemplation of the Mystery of Golgotha gives... Read More

Lent Day 1

Preparing for Easter makes Easter more meaningful. Through the 40 days of Lent, we walk with Jesus the man who gradually took into himself a... Read More