Lent Day 37

Another event to contemplate during Lent is the baptism by John the Baptist. John was prepared over many lifetimes for this extraordinary event. Not only that, the Cosmic Christ, who knew nothing about being human, prepared over eons to enter into a human body. He didn’t know how to make his own, so a body was prepared for him by two Jesus’.

This event anchored Christ to this earth so that we can anchor ourselves in him. Why do we do that? So we can become his co-workers. By purifying ourselves, step by step, we make ourselves worthy to work alongside Christ to redeem all that has entered too deeply into matter.

We might wonder why this is all necessary. Why did humanity sink so low that it needed a God to incarnate on the earth to ‘save’ it? One reason is that creation has need of beings that can actually raise themselves up out of their own volition. That is not really ‘saving’ but providing the means for ‘self-saving’. This is a good time to contemplate the life of Jesus and the deed of Christ with these ideas in mind.

Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder.

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  1. Moira

    I have a question kristina, did John the Baptist become Lazarus (john 11 )who became John the Evangelist who became the BELOVED of Jesus the Christ.or was the baptist 1 of 2 johns, just as there were 2 Jesus entities ,2 Mary’s and 2 Joseph’s?..Thank you for your Clarity and WISDOM..A brilliant DIAMOND in the CROWN of Jesus .Your INSPIRED writings have given me the Bread of Life ,the Chalice of Wine and Living Waters in the Wilderness.

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