Evil has its place

The forces of evil are so misunderstood today. Why are we so keen to be rid of them when they could be of great assistance when seen in the right light.

In my series “Who is Jesus : What is Christ? I wrote this.

“We could also ask: Is the Son of man glorified because Judas goes out, or because Judas received the morsel, or because of what left Jesus and entered into Judas?

We might be able to answer this if we consider how we achieve the status of the Son of man, huios ho anthropon. It is reached when we free our thinking, feeling and will from our body so that they function spiritually, no longer needing physical stimuli – in other words, we give birth to our highest human potential. Would we need to free ourselves of Satan to achieve this status? If this is what happened, then Judas has given a great service to Jesus by carrying away any remaining anti-force that was within Jesus.” Vol 5

It strikes me as highly credible that Judas, one of the intimate group of 12 disciples, put his hand up to carry out this essential task so that in total purity Jesus could fully receive into himself the spirit of Christ making the crucifixion and resurrection possible.

The Last Supper by Carl Bloch

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  1. Judas was the most maligned and misunderstood of all the disciples..just as John the Baptist midwifed the incoming CHRIST Spirit into the body of Jesus and died 6 months later (as his Mission was complete) so Judas assumed the human frailties of Jesus so that the Christ Spirit could Fully incarnate into the shell left behind.Judas took on the human mental suffering of the Man Jesus so that Crucifixion (which began in the garden of Gethsemane) where the full influx of CHRISTED Light was given causing Immense Pain .Had Judas not assumed the last remnants of imperfection Jesus body would have exploded,combusted before the Crucifixion..Judas HAD to Suicide otherwise those remnants would have stayed on earth leaving the crucifixion incomplete..Compassion is needed in the here and now for the Protagonists of War…WAR IS the Most AWakening ,Transforming event of all..Michael and the Christ forces are waging war on the Dragon Ahriman..go to a Song sung by Melody Rawson ,piano John Rawson called Universal Soldier..the words and images haunting and Prophetic (esp the final image) Moira Lorraine.

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