When I was 10 years old I was given my first Bible. A beautiful leather bound King James version, a requirement of the school that I was attending. It had my initials engraved on the front cover and it looked very impressive. I made a resolution to read it from cover to cover. Half way through Genesis chapter 1 I closed the cover and resolved to read it when I could understand what was being said.
Twenty three years later I met Reverend Mario Schoenmaker, a minister and theologian, who taught what he called Bible Metaphysics. For fourteen years until his death I listen to his sermons and lectures which opened up a new world for me. The 10 year olds resolution now became possible.
Several years after Rev Mario’s death I began writing short reflections, exploring themes from the Gospel of St John. Then, each week since April 2006 I have been exploring The Revelation to John. In the introduction I say, “The Revelation to John can be shown to describe how human beings are becoming more conscious and differently conscious.”
In this blog I will discuss my method of unlocking the Bible so that it comes alive with other meanings. It is not my intention to be definitive; in my experience definitions are a locking process rather than an unlocking process.
I hope my blogs will inspire you with new ideas.

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