Who is Jesus really?

Let’s take a closer look at the being of Jesus the Christ. We can read that Jesus is a Jewish man who was a teacher and a healer, part of ancient history. In this way he can be placed alongside any other religious teacher and thereby occupies a role in particular belief systems. Christ then is some sort of accessory. Although, for others, Christ is the incarnate Son of God and is recognised as part of the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But what does this mean for me I must ask? How is this relevant in the 21st Century?

Let me explain in very simple terms what I have come to understand and experience about these two beings over the last 25 years. Jesus was the most perfect human being ever born, his purity exemplified by his mother the Virgin Mary. His journey to the cross was a series of events that prepared him to receive into himself the Christ. So he was a vessel prepared for generations so that he could be the channel for the Son of God to enter into a human body. This became possible at a certain point during the crucifixion and when it did, the blood of Jesus became infused with the Christ spirit which then flowed into the earth and infused the substance of this earth. This also explains the Last Supper when Jesus explained that the bread, a product of the earth, was his body, and the wine made from sun-ripened grapes was his blood.

The point and purpose of this is so that we might strive to perfect our human being to a point where we are able to bear within us the presence of Christ. Since Golgotha Christ is within us as a potential, as a seed, to which we must give life. As we know, no seed can survive without being nurtured. In the New Testament we can find much advice about ways to do this.

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