Holy Night 5

December 28-29 – Taurus

Consciously purify the body of thought, discipline thinking, concentrating on the positive, transforming the black doves of thought into white doves, because our thinking can be likened to a pigeon when it has no discipline. We have to learn to close the loft when negative or strange thoughts approach.
Mystery: The Temple is purified by Christ.
R. Steiner

Fifth Contemplation: Kristina Kaine
Why is it so important for us discipline and purify thinking? If we understand what thinking is, as well as why we have the ability to think, we will be able to answer this question. Thinking is the capacity to form mental pictures which we call concepts. We link these concepts or ideas together in the process of thinking so that we can reach conclusions about things.

Of course we know from experience that our conclusions don’t always lead us to fully understand things. This tells us that human thinking is an evolving activity. If we understand this much then we can participate in this evolution in a cooperative way. The real purpose of thinking is to comprehend ourselves as spiritual beings who happen to occupy physical bodies from time to time.

When we comprehend ourselves as spiritual beings we begin to see the value of every human being. This awareness helps us transcend our differences. Out of this experience arises an enormous respect for each other. We see that we each struggle to become aware of our place in the scheme of things. If this is a true experience for us, love wells up for the struggles we each go through. We now go out of our way to avoid adding to each other’s burdens.

The third night of the lily becomes an annunciation of the presence of Christ within every human being. We then understand the damage we can do if we think negative thoughts about others. We are filled with the kind of responsibility a mother feels for her unborn infant. Each person in our lives becomes this infant which we can assist to nurture as we all progress along the path to comprehend our true nature.

Image: Annunciation by Mikhail Nesterov 1901

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