Do we really understand the Evolution of Consciousness?

What is so attractive about the ideas and philosophies of the past? Why are we so interested in higher knowledge while at the same time disinclined to think ideas through rationally? Some people even say that they have a consciousness from other planets – what is wrong with the consciousness that is seeking to be born from this planet?

The whole body of Rudolf Steiner’s work was dedicated to human thinking, on this earth, with this mind. This thinking is greater than anything we have experienced in the past, more powerful than anything that might originate from another planet or other beings, and it’s transformative power will change the whole Universe. Why wouldn’t we want to participate in that?

The only way we can experience this thinking is through the vehicle of our Higher Self, our I Am. The only way we can experience our I Am is to experience ourselves as separate beings from the Universe. In a lecture on 23 October 1921 Rudolf Steiner said, “When we discard our intellectual thinking and revert back to the breathing processes of the Oriental schools, then the division between ourselves and the world disappears.” This oneness with the world works against the evolution of consciousness.

“The ancient wisdom did not contain any humanly acquired intelligence … the human being only participated in a knowledge which other beings actually experienced in and through him.” This made us puppets and still does today.

“Becoming aware of the different forces that influence our consciousness is the task of the present time. … When the angels which have a Luciferic character influence our mind we are more instinctive, like higher animals. … Furthermore, this Luciferic element can then be preserved in Ahrimanic mask.” Until we can identify these elements in our thinking, we cannot fully participate in the mighty gift of human intelligence.

We should always ask who or what is thinking in us? Whenever we cannot explain exactly where our thoughts come from then it is not our own thinking. True thinking is a beautiful thing, it just requires focus. We can do it if we apply our will to it and then continually test it with the thermometer of our feeling, always remaining vigilantly observant. If any part of our thinking is unconscious, automatic and lazy then we know that other forces are influencing our mind. They are the parasites that trick us into thinking that their ideas are far superior to anything that we ourselves can achieve. Then they have achieved their goal and robbed us of our birthright.

Image: Parsifal by Iris Sullivan

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  1. Morgan

    We must remember that Parsifal signals the advent of Intellectual Soul time and that we now are preparing for Consciousness Soul. We can now, fully awaken to the idea that separation is an illusion.

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