Angel Weighing Soul

Holy Night 7

December 30-31 – Cancer

The serpent in the hilt of the sword. Wisdom. Occupy yourselves with elevated lectures. It is the night of the great commandment.

The Mystery of work: Who rules your soul? Who is the master of our soul? Who is the author of our actions? We are free and we must strengthen the good will in us.
R. Steiner

Seventh Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

How well do we understand freedom? We want to be free but how can we be free? Freedom is not given to us, freedom is ours if we create it. One of the main purposes for incarnating on the earth is to become free. To the extent to which we claim our freedom here is the extent to which we can have freedom in the spiritual worlds between incarnations. If we can understand this and work towards it we will also have wisdom.

As beings of body, soul and spirit we should understand that freedom is a spiritual activity. In our body we cannot be free because we are not yet wise enough to guide the physical activity of our body that keeps us alive and incarnated. For the most part our soul leans towards our physical existence but if we can allow our spirit to have more influence in our soul then we will experience the truth about freedom.

So how do we gain freedom? Primarily though self awareness. It is through our level of self awareness that we can control our prejudices and bring balance and understanding to our sympathies and antipathies. To like one thing and dislike another is a lower instinct; we cannot experience freedom if we are biased. True freedom comes when we find something to like about something we dislike.

In essense, freedom happens when we infuse our thinking with will. Love, the great commandment, happens when we infuse our will with thoughts.

Image: Angel Weighing a Soul – Ridolfo di Arpo Guariento

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