How to Engage in your own Resurrection Process

In this post Easter period we enter into the process of Resurrection. We have a month before Ascension on May 14 followed by the very important time of Pentecost on May 24. The effort we put in now will be rewarded at Pentecost.

Our challenge is to pull ourselves away from the ideas inculcated by the church over centuries, and enter into the deeper meaning of the Easter events for the evolution of our own consciousness. Too much focus on God or Jesus comes at the expense of valuing our own contribution to human development.

This post Easter period is sometimes referred to as the Mystical Interval, suggesting a period of rest after the traumatic Easter event. This is far from the case. We have important work to do in the weeks ahead so that we, and this whole universe, benefit as much as possible at Pentecost.

Easter was the culmination of Christ entering into the physical body of Jesus and there, for the first time, experiencing fully the way this world has taken on the cloak of physical matter. This is such a powerful idea but what it is really saying is that Christ, the world I AM, entered into the physical body of Jesus, the human aspect of the I Am, and there, for the first time, experienced the world of the physical senses; spirit that has put on the cloak of physical matter. Not only that but also he experienced the human ability to think which is a god-like quality.

Then he arose out of the body of Jesus forever changed. We must do the same – not physically but in our consciousness. We nail our earthly thinking to the cross and we arise in a new kind of thinking that is not bound to the images of the senses. We haven’t done this if we still only see the cruelty of Jesus nailed to the cross.

Only with disciplined thinking can we experience its resurrection as the new clairvoyance. Unfortunately, what tends to happen at this point of resurrection, when we begin to see spiritual reality, we drop thinking and enter into an unconscious feeling process that is undisciplined clairvoyance.

How do we avoid this? It all depends on our connection with our own I Am as well as the world I AM. It is through our I Am that we develop the strong power of thinking, and to the degree that we achieve this, the world I AM assists us. We then bring this connection into the spiritual world where we retain the sense of our own individuality instead of being swallowed up in the undifferentiated ALL. If we cannot maintain this sense of self, spiritual beings can enter into our consciousness which results in seductive undisciplined clairvoyance.

Where can we start? We can start by loving others, truly loving others free of any personal motives. This true love enters into others and experiences them as if they were ourselves. Out of this experience arises deep respect and understanding for the personal journey each of us must make. That is resurrection.

Image: Resurrection – Anonymous artist of the Yaroslavl school 17th Century

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