What is Crucified? What is Resurrected?

We have reached our destination after walking through Lent with Angels. Each time we contemplate the Angels, and especially our own Guardian Angel, they draw near to us. They want to help us understand a greater reality but they never interfere with our own efforts to do so.

So, how much do we know about Easter? After we remove the graphic images what are we left with? Since I am so interested in human consciousness, I am drawn to the ideas that are revealed when we look at the nature of the human soul and its relationship to the I Am. How exactly do we discover truth?

All knowledge is hidden in the depths of our soul. The big question is how to access this knowledge. The events of Easter show us how. In chapter 4 of his seminal work, “Theosophy,” Rudolf Steiner explains how we can access this knowledge “It is in the very assimilating of the communications of others that the first step [and further steps] towards personal knowledge consists.” … all knowledge of the worlds of soul and spirit slumbers in the profoundest depths of the human soul. … Correct spiritual insight awakens the power of comprehension in anyone whose inner nature is not beclouded by preconceptions and prejudices.” I encourage you to read the whole chapter. http://wn.rsarchive.org/Books/GA009/English/AP1971/GA009_c04.html

Hold these ideas and consider this. At Easter, what is crucified? And, what is resurrected?

The deep Easter message is that earthly thinking tainted by lazy, subconscious sensations and feeling must die. More often than not, we are unaware of the level of what I call psychic sensations, cloud our thinking.

What is resurrected? Living thinking, thinking filled with good will – gentle will. This thinking can look intently at information and wait patiently until it reveals its inner nature. Then, sustained by this living thinking, we can apply this meaning to our own lives. This thinking is sharp and clear, never abstract or biased, and the ideas it reveals transform us, transubstantiate us; changes our body and blood into a new substance capable of awakening a new “power of comprehension.”

Image: The Resurrection of Christ, painted by Noel Coypel in 1700

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