Holy Night 3 : 26-27 December Pisces

The three nights of the white lily.

This is a new translation using Google to translate from the original German and adjusted by Laura Zanutto and slightly tweaked by Kristina Kaine 2015

The soul recognizes that it is unable to hold above, that it is drawn down again, because there is so much earthly weight in it.

The soul begins consciously to purify the earthly body as it looks at every meal as “Holy Viaticum (communion)”: “I am the bread”

“We come from the bread, we live out of bread along the way of formation and return to the bread.”

Mystery: Never forget the goal of the goals in the long walks in the earthly realm.

Rudolf Steiner’s indications to Herbert Hahn

If we cannot know our soul we cannot know Christ. It is as simple as that. Every thought, feeling and action taking place in our soul has weight and it is up to us to measure it. Think of a set of scales, are the weights too heavy on the earthly side or the spiritual side? Our task is to balance them by taking off, or adding on weight to the side which is out of balance.

The weight of this world can lay heavily in our heart and we can long for the freedom of spirit. Yet, freedom is a choice. We can choose freedom whenever we wish here on this earth. We have the god-like ability to change our attitude in the twinkling of an eye. It is when we see the true goal, which is to transform ourselves into the bread, the body of Christ, that we have real power to change our attitude.

Because of this it is up to us to see everything we eat as Holy Communion. It is through the food we eat that we have the opportunity to connect with our I Am. If the food supply of the earth is disrupted it is a sign that we eat our food without considering its Holy source, this earth, which is the body of Christ. As we eat each mouthful we must consider the earth from which the food has grown, the warmth of the sun that nourished its growth, and our fellow human beings who made it possible for the food to be on our plate. This is, of course, the purpose behind the tradition of saying grace. In this way, mouthful by mouthful, we will purify our soul and body.

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