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How to Stay Conscious at Easter

As Easter approaches, the reason for Easter can raise many questions. A man is nailed to a cross and says some very interesting – perhaps strange – things that we can filter through the limits of our understanding. We can drown in the detail, or we can contemplate one aspect of it to bring it to life in our consciousness. Will we see Jesus; the man, the blood, the pain, the desertion, the despair? Or will we see the mighty spiritual being we call Christ entering into the very bones of this man and experiencing death firsthand and for the first time?


Purely and simply so that every human being in the Universe could become like him.

What is it like to become like him?

Eternal, I Am, spiritual-physical, first of all consciously in our mind. We can only do this if we think the thoughts that awaken us to the reality that we are much greater than our awareness reveals to us. To be bigger than we are is to embrace each other, embrace our differences, to love, to forgive, to enter into each other with deep compassion. We do this with our spirit as we tame our soul’s automatic responses.

What is this spirit?

It is a Holy Spirit, a whole Spirit. Our Whole Spirit awareness of which comes about through a tamed soul.

What is an untamed soul?

One that reacts to karma, one that lazily participates in modern jargon, one that believes they are right and particularly one that is polarized by likes and dislikes.

Our task is to find our Holy or Whole Spirit and there is no better time than Lent to prepare for this post-Easter event. If we contemplate the purpose of Easter, it can become clear to us that we participate in this cosmic event each year as cosmic beings, not just the person we are in this incarnation.

We have a role to play and that role is to awaken our Whole Spirit – not just for us but for the whole Universe.

This quote by Sergei Prokofieff is helpful.

In the lecture of 30 July 1922 (GA 214) we find a detailed description of the fact that Christ, who is an all-encompassing cosmic being and enters directly into man’s inner nature, would have inevitably extinguished all trace of individual ego-consciousness if He had not sent the Holy Spirit, who has since Pentecost enabled Him to dwell in every human ego without extinguishing its consciousness. Note 23 Part VIII The Mystery of Pentecost, in The Cycle of the Year by Sergei Prokofieff

The word ‘sent’ means to come from one place to another and this can mean from our soul to our spirit. We can therefore rephrase the words, “if He had not sent the Holy Spirit” in this way: ‘if He had not given us the possibility of connecting with our Whole Spirit using our earthly consciousness [our earthly consciousness would be extinguished].’ This is the purpose of Easter.

Image: Inner Quiet by Iris Sullivan

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