Angel Weighing Soul

Holy Night 7 : 30-31 December Cancer

The serpent in the hilt of the sword: wisdom. Occupy yourselves with elevated lectures. It is the night of the great commandment.

The mystery of activity: Who orders our soul? Who is the Lord of our soul, the author of our actions? We have the freedom to strengthen the good will in us.

This is a new translation using Google to translate from the original German and adjusted by Laura Zanutto and slightly tweaked by Kristina Kaine 2015

Seventh Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

Occupying ourselves with spiritual truth is an important task, now more so than ever before. Esoteric knowledge has been a carefully guarded secret for so long and has only been freely available in the last century or so. Even though we have access to so much esoteric information today, this does not mean it is easy to understand. We also have to deal with the misinterpretation of this knowledge. This is why it is so important to occupy ourselves with it. The word occupy means to take possession of, to seize it, to grasp it and make it part of us.

It is of great benefit to our soul if we set aside time to read elevated lectures, even for 10 minutes, and then with strengthened will consider what we have read. In this way we reawaken spiritual knowledge that has remained hidden from today’s consciousness. The Lord of our soul, our I Am, has access to all knowledge. When we begin to connect with our I Am we gain access to this knowledge. We also come to understand that our access to spiritual knowledge is on a need to know basis. In fact, sometimes we forget what we know until there is a reason for it to come to mind.

The other important thing to understand is that esoteric knowledge must be applied in a practical way in our life. Once we have taken possession of it we can’t cast it aside and revert to our old way of thinking. It can be challenging to respond to life’s situation with spiritual understanding. It is up to us to work out how we can do this. Once a spiritual truth reveals itself to us, it must become part of the way we think, feel and act. We can’t say we understand love and then not love someone who annoyed us. Nor can we pretend to love them, it must be genuine. In this way we exercise our freedom to strengthen our good will.

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