Holy Night 12 : 4-5 January Sagittarius

In the Twelfth night- place the crown we have won at the feet of the Divine because we have indeed struggled ourselves, however, that we could achieve it is grace, is the spiritual law. Grace streams from one source which the human being with human strength cannot reach.

The Alpha and Omega One shall come. Spaceless time – timeless space. Everything is eternal, Holy now! The single-minded strength of Sagittarius must be used so that we can be capable of taking possession of the spiritual.

That which we have seen and received in the twelve Holy Nights, we have to carry into the material, spiritual and soul life.

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn

This is a new translation using Google to translate from the original German and adjusted by Laura Zanutto and slightly tweaked by Kristina Kaine 2015

Contemplation 12: Kristina Kaine

How often do we think about the assistance given to us when we apply spiritual truth in our lives? This is not necessarily ‘God’ granting our wishes or answering our prayer; this assistance comes to us from the ranks of the Spiritual Heirarchy who keep the whole Universe in order. It also comes from our Higher Self, our I AM as well as the presence of Christ in our hearts.

Sometimes we can think that applying spiritual principles in our lives is beyond us, and therefore it will be beyond us. However, if we say we can do it, and we demonstrate our willingness to do it, instantly we are assisted. If we notice some success with our endeavours we should not be so quick to pat ourselves on the back for our achievement and forget to acknowledge the assistance. The word grace implies graciousness; our own graciousness for the grace we receive.

In the first Holy Night we met the term Alpha and Omega when we considered the voice of silence. Now we meet it again, in the Omega of the Holy Nights. Three times we find these words Alpha and Omega in the Bible, all in The Revelation to John: 1:8, 21:6 and 22:13.

I quote from my book “The Soul’s Secret Unveiled in the Book of Revelation Vol 1”*:

“‘I am [ego eimi] the Alpha and the Omega,’ says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Rev 1:8

“Ego eimi, the I AM, was in the beginning, was first (alpha) and is to come, that is, last (omega). This is not God, this is our own eternal being, our I AM. To fully understand all the implications of this we need knowledge of reincarnation and karma. It is this I AM that holds all our incarnations together like a string of pearls. The first pearl and the last pearl are all on the one string.”

More than ever before this world needs those who stand in the power of their I AM. These Holy Nights have been a tender time, a time in which to reach out and touch eternity. This connection with our True Self, our Holy Self, will sustain us throughout the coming year. Thank you for travelling through the Holy Nights with me.


The Coronation of the Virgin Mary. Fra Angelico. 1434-1435

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