When we think of Christ do we think of his team?

If the crucifixion of Jesus is to become more meaningful for us this Easter, and in every moment until next Easter, we can turn our attention to the many spiritual beings that made the crucifixion possible. Jesus did not act alone, and Christ, who had never experienced an incarnation on this earth before, certainly could not have acted alone. It is also worth noting that Christ had never experienced death before.

We have two beings going through an incredible transformation. Jesus is absorbing the mighty Cosmic Christ and that took its toll on his physical body; and Christ is losing his Cosmic identity as he works out how to occupy this physical body specially prepared for him.

It is a birth and a death rolled into one; Christ is born in Jesus and at the same time dies to the spiritual worlds. This exchange of power also had an enormous impact in the spiritual worlds because they felt the consequences of the departure of Christ as they had known him.

The main beings who worked directly with Jesus and Christ to make the crucifixion possible are the Nathan Soul, that pure human element that incarnated for the first time on earth into the Luke Jesus. The Master Jesus, the highly developed soul incarnated into the Matthew Jesus who donated his body to the 12 year old Nathan Jesus in the temple. Vidar, Buddha’s guardian angel, who thereby earned a promotion to Archangel, but elected to stay back to assist with the Christen-ing of Jesus. Finally, the Archangel Michael, who had earned the status of Archai, but like Vidar, knew he had a greater role to fulfil with the incarnation of Christ.

The purpose of this Easter event is so that every human being can experience Christ in our souls. We will do this with more success if we think about these beings who still work for the full realisation of Christ on earth. They do it in this way.

The Nathan Soul leads to a more intimate sense of the constant Christ presence within the human soul.

Vidar reveals the path of beholding Christ in etheric form through the development of new clairvoyant faculties.

Michael reveals Christ as Lord of Karma and assists us to bring our individual karma into equilibrium in such a way that this process can best serve the further evolution of all mankind.

Master Jesus, in his connection with the great initiate Zarathustra, is the inspirer of those who strive to understand Christianity, especially the great event in Palestine, in its living growth and development.

If we hold these beings in our hearts, especially when we seek a more immediate experience of the Christ event, they will reveal to us what we are ready to see.

Ideas taken from The Cycle of the Year as a Path of Initiation by Sergei Prokofieff.

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