Sixth Holy Night applied to June

The three nights of the sword.
December 29-30 – Gemini
Peter’s night. Night of the sword consecration.
Everyone needs to forge by her or himself the sword of discernment. With increased willpower everyone needs forge together (unite) the two pieces; the deathless, the eternal and the ephemeral, to discover the truth.
Mystery: The Son of God, Son of Man merge with Oneness!

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn

Sixth Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

When we contemplate the deathless, the eternal, comparing it with the ephemeral, the temporary, at some point we meet the idea of reincarnation. That is, unless we think of eternity as a void. Through the idea of reincarnation we begin to accept that this temporary state we call earthly life is part of a continual stream of existence; like a dolphin dipping in and out of the water. We existed before we were born and we exist after we die, albeit in a different state of being. None of these states are any less real than the other.

If we accept this, we can begin to imagine what it is like to exist without a physical body. As a spiritual being do we have a consciousness like this one, or do we float around nebulously merged with Universe? The answer to this question is directly linked to the level of conscious awareness we achieve during our incarnation. The level of consciousness we achieve in any particular life is a direct result of the way in which we use our will, our sword. This in turn is a measure of our ability to become the Son of Man, the self-born.

As we explore these ideas we can turn our attention to the kind of person we were in previous lives. Were we male or female or were we able to merge these two expressions to some extent. Were we emotional or intellectual or a combination of the two. In this way we can begin to awaken memories of past lives. There are no set rules for each of us is different.

One experience which can be helpful in daily life is to observe the way others treat us or the way we treat them. This is usually a mirror of the way we treated them in a past life. If they respect us, we respected them. If they bully us, we may have bullied them. Regardless, it is important to meet the other person with openness and love, – which can require a lot of will power in some cases as we know. Our aim is not to eradicate karma from our life, karma is a crucial part of our development. We should also be mindful that sometimes our interactions with others is setting up a karmic relationship for a future life enabling us to take a large step towards oneness – uniting the two-edged sword. 2015

Note: The 12 Holy Nights sow a seed for our progress through the year ahead. Our sole purpose on this earth is to become aware our I Am, our True Self. By applying each of the 12 Holy Nights to each of the 12 months throughout the year we come closer to knowing ourselves more completely. In its highest expression our I Am becomes one with Christ who accompanies us each step of the way.
“The true name of Christ is “I Am”; who does not know or does not understand this and calls Him by another name does not know anything about Him. “I Am” is His only name.” Rudolf Steiner 27 May 1909

Image: Joan of Arc Kisses the Sword of Liberation – Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1863

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