Holy Night 10 applied to October

The night in which the highest offering of service increases; obedience-listening-hearing to learn, to the inner voice and the signs of the Divine.

Mystery: The voice in us through various incarnations: Its clarity increases by sacrifice and decision.

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn

This is a new translation using Google to translate from the original German and adjusted by Laura Zanutto and slightly tweaked by Kristina Kaine 2015

Tenth Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

Do we hear to learn or do we hear to satisfy our ego? We can test this by thinking about how we feel when someone pays us a complement or criticises us. This Holy Night is the time to observe our inner reactions; they are noisey and can obscure the sweet, soft inner voice telling us that we are immortal and we are Divine. We are the beings chosen to carry the I Am through many cycles of life on this earth and life in the spiritual worlds.

Obedience is about accepting our responsibility to hear the inner voice, the voice that speaks of the true nature of our being that continually incarnates. The clarity of the voice depends on our ability to achieve inner stillness. The commitment to hear this voice is a decision we make to become aware of who we really are. This also comes with our decision to make a contribution to evolution. Each time we watch the news and find ourselves criticizing the behaviour of others, we soon realize that their consciousness is the result of our own contribution to human life in our past lives.

If the full truth of this hits home we can be consumed with a sense of shame, or we can take a decision to make a difference for the future incarnations of humanity. This is when we increase our highest offering of service. We each do this in our own way, in our own environment, always honouring each other’s task to be the best we can be. We can be our best when we sacrifice our reactions, always observing, and always looking for new ways to hear the inner voice.

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