Archangel Michael And Soul

3. Resisting Selfishness in our Soul Keeps us Sane

The third sacrifice Christ made on his journey into the body of Jesus took place in the last part of the Atlantean period when humanity faced a third danger. Lucifer and Ahriman intended to disturb the activity in our soul by creating disorder in our thinking, feeling and willing. This meant that thinking, feeling and willing would not work harmoniously together, but each one would work independently and selfishly. How does this play out in our consciousness?

“Well, a person would have wished or willed something, would have pursued these will impulses, while his thinking pursued a different impulse, and his feeling yet another. […] under the influence of Lucifer and Ahriman alone, thinking, feeling and will would have become egoistic, as it were destroying the soul’s harmonious action.”* This means we would have been mentally disturbed, insane.

In my book “I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest” I describe how thinking, feeling and will work, giving practical advice about the ways in which we can keep these soul faculties in harmony.

“It is the will element that links or separates our thoughts. Feeling always permeates our thinking when we decide to like or dislike something. We experience feeling in our will when we are satisfied or dissatisfied with something we have done. Also, will plays through our feelings to give life to our thinking. If we think of walking the dog, it is not until our intentions are fired up with the warmth of feeling for the love of the dog and its wellbeing that our thought really comes to life. Otherwise it is just a thought and the dog won’t have its walk.” I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest by Kristina Kaine**

Deep gratitude pours from us towards Christ when we truly understand that the possibility of the harmony of these faculties was gifted to us by him. A reminder of this act is found in the story of St George (or Michael) treading the dragon underfoot for bringing human thinking, feeling and will into disorder – and still does if we let him. As we pursue our spiritual development, we learn to harmonize thinking, feeling and will ourselves. We will do this more successfully if we acknowledge and love Christ for his third sacrifice.

Thoughts for St John’s Tide as we celebrate the sacrifice of baptism.

*The Sufferings of the Nathan Soul by Peter Selg or a different translation of the lecture “The Four Sacrifices of Christ” is available free here

**Also available as an ebook

Image: Archangel Michael and the Soul

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