The World Priest

An excerpt from the Introduction of The World Priest by Michael Maciel

“As you get more comfortable in your inner space, you begin to judge outer sources of wisdom by how closely they resonate with this inner light, by how well they help to strip away the distractions of the mind and heart and thus bring that which is behind the veil closer to you or you closer to it. Ideas and philosophies start to wane in their importance. Theories no longer impress. It’s practice that you’re after now, and no amount of thinking, reading, or debating will substitute for it. You’re only interested in that which will take you farther within, deeper into the Well of Souls that lies hidden under the massive weight of your materialistic way of life.

And the more you pursue it, the less able you are to function day to day. Your outer circumstances begin to fall apart. What worked before no longer does, and you start to feel like the world is a foreign place in which you no longer fit. It is the flight of the alone to the alone, and a tighter passageway there has never been. But you persist. You go deeper and deeper within, spending hours, sometimes days in meditation, turning away from all outer distractions, probing the depths of your own awareness. What is life when there is no “out there”? There at the end of your rope, in the face of utter failure, in the stark realization that there is no meaning to anything and that everything you thought you knew is false, you hit bottom. And for the first time in your life, you feel like you are finally standing on solid ground. Empty of opinion, stripped of striving, denied all recognition and acceptance by others, you are empty. And in that emptiness your eyes are opened, and you see for the first time life as it really is—present, immediate, unrelenting, a force like no other, a force that both moves the world and holds it in its place. And in that realization, a light bursts in. Your body becomes filled with light, and the power and energy of the cosmos becomes the very life of your body, and you understand, perhaps for the first time, what eternal life really is.”

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