Do we weep for the darkness in this world, or do we weep because of the blindness that can’t see the light?

In the evening of day 4 during the 1996 Retreat I have been quoting from, Rev Mario spoke these words:

“Weep my child, says the voice, weep until there are no tears left. Weep for the unrighteousness, the injustice, the violence, the tortured souls, weep for those who have no hope, who are broken of heart, weep for those who are lost, weep for those who seek healing and cannot find it, for my servants are not there to wipe the tears from their eyes and to whisper the words of hope.” Rev Mario Schoenmaker

I know that it does make a difference if our hearts go out to those who live in fear. Fear is a tool of the forces who oppose Christ; recognizing their activity robs them of power. If we don’t see their work we live in darkness; if our hearts ache causing us to weep, the blindfold falls from our eyes. Then we love, regardless of distance, and this love, agape – the highest love – flows through the whole universe, changing it. Each one of us can do this. Our whispered words of hope will be heard.

Image: Agony in the Garden by Frans Schwartz

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