Holy Night 13

This is the thirteenth night, and it is holy indeed. Tonight, on 5-6th January we stand on a mighty threshold. The 6th of January is called Epiphany and it is the day the 30 year old Jesus was baptised by John in the Jordan River.

It is also the birthday of the Matthew Jesus, a wise soul who had experienced many lives on this earth, the most significant of which was as the great initiate Zarathustra. This is not the Jesus whose baptism we will celebrate tomorrow. This is the Jesus who sacrificed himself in the Temple when he relinquished his highly developed I Am to the 12 year old Luke Jesus. In this way the wisest entered into the most innocent; two Jesus’ became one Jesus.

It is the Luke Jesus, the pure innocent soul who had never incarnated on this earth before, who will be plunged into the wild and freezing river Jordan by his friend John the Baptist. The shock will loosen the connection between his etheric and physical bodies making it possible for the Cosmic Christ to enter into him – at least partially.

The gradual Christen-ing of the Luke Jesus takes place over the next three years culminating at the crucifixion on the cross at Golgotha. This deed makes it possible for each one of us to have personal access to our own I Am – the spiritual aspect of our being which has participated in every incarnation we have ever had.

Our task is to tap into this memory, to remember who we really are. As we have seen through the twelve preceding Holy Nights, this is not an easy task. One thing has echoed through these nights and that is the promise that if we decide to commit to the task, the greatest being in the whole Cosmos will assist us. This is the being who did it first, and he knows what is involved. How could we not love him with all our heart knowing that he waits for us to love him as much as he loves us.

Think of these things as you go to bed tonight, fill yourself with gratitude for the wise guidance of the Cosmos, and step into the 6th of January with great anticipation for a personal Epiphany. 2016

If you have a copy of Who Is Jesus : What is Christ? Vol 1 you can read this story in greater detail.

Image: The Baptism of Christ  Aert de Gelder 1710

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  1. Moira basson

    Absolute pure Gold to my Soul ,Accentuate and place. Cosmic silent pauses between phrases. Of Snt Johns Prologue 1:1-14….to Birth your. I AM …your LOGOS…..your MYSTIC….CHRIST…….like. The fragrance of francinsence…the WORD…..like a GOLDEN …. Dawning….. ROSE……Inphinit…..Eternal…..LIgHT….LIFE……LOVE……..

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