Holy Night 11 applied to November

January 3-4 – Scorpio

It is the eleventh night. It is the struggle with the Guardian of the Threshold.

We must build within us the mystery of the grail castle. We must profess loyalty to the Almighty in Scorpio.
R. Steiner

The eleventh night: The struggle with the Guardian of the Threshold.

Mystery: The Grail builds up in us. To always increase our allegiance to the Highest!

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn

This is a new translation using Google to translate from the original German and adjusted by Laura Zanutto and slightly tweaked by Kristina Kaine 2015

11. Heilige Nacht

3./4. Januar – Skorpion

Die elfte Nacht: Der Kampf mit dem Hüter der Schwelle.

Mysterium: Die Gralsburg in uns aufbauen. Sich immer mehr in Treue zum höchsten bekennen! R. Steiner

Eleventh Contemplation: Kristina Kaine

Do we see ourselves as beings of soul and spirit using our body to dwell on this earth? If we pause for a moment to imagine this, we can become aware that there are no boundaries for our soul and spirit except those we ourselves impose. Boundaries are imposed when we focus on our corporeality.

These boundaries are however necessary to contain our personal striving for freedom. As we achieve freedom here and there, it is the Guardian of the Threshold who, like a thermometer, ensures that this striving contains the right amount of warmth.

Alongside the goal of perfection we will always fall short; achieving perfection is a process. What matters most is that we always increase our allegiance to the Highest. Only through our inner soul work will we discover the path that leads to the Holy Grail. Rudolf Steiner says, “This is a task of cognition, this is a social task. It is also a task that, to the greatest extent possible, is hated in the present.” 17 April, 1921

The only way to stop hating this task is to love our life and all the opportunities it offers. Every annoyance is an opportunity to overcome being annoyed. On the other hand, whenever we feel indifferent towards something we have an opportunity to generate interest. These are the ways we regulate the temperature in soul and align ourselves with the Highest. Imagine if the Hierarchy who holds this Universe in balance allowed annoyance and indifference to influence their task.

It is only though inner striving combined with an increase to our allegiance to the Highest that we receive into ourselves the power of the blood of Christ, the Holy Grail.

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