Advent – Week One

We celebrate Advent in the weeks leading up to Christmas to awaken us to our connection with the highest heavens and the great purpose in the Universe. During this time we become more aware of the way in which we are disconnected from our source and our purpose because we cannot remember our origins.

During the first week of Advent we can set aside some time, especially on waking in the morning, and as we go to sleep in the evening, to consider who we are as human beings. We can try to re-member what we have forgotten about the magnificence of the human being.

Think of the mother of Jesus holding his body within her. Every breath she takes, every beat of her heart, every thought in her mind, devoted to forming the perfect body capable of taking the most unique journey ever taken by any human being on this earth.

Imagine the forming of a physical body in preparation to be the vehicle for the etheric, astral and ‘I’ that will settle into this physical form over the ensuing 28 years.

Think of the approaching soul of Jesus, the pure and innocent Nathan soul described in Luke’s Gospel, preparing to enter into this tiny body. This soul has never incarnated into a human body before. We can compare this with our own situation by thinking about how we have incarnated many times having some idea what to expect.

What would it have been like for this pure Nathan soul to enter into the illusion of the physical world? Compare the original purity and dignity of the human being with the way some people treat others now; discrimination, disrespect, lies, and even murder. Then we can think about why this is part of the plan so that we each can claim our place in the universe as Christ-ened human beings. All made possible by our mothers who formed our physical bodies in her womb just like the Nathan Mary did.

Madonna and Child, tempera, oil, and gold on wood by Vincenzo Foppa

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