Unraveling the Mystery of Golgotha

Understanding the Mystery of Golgotha is the greatest challenge for humanity. It lives in each of us – silently – waiting to be discovered. It is a seed hoping to be warmed and watered. To break open the sheath we must look not only at the pain of the man Jesus but also at the agony of the Cosmic Christ entering into a human body. This was only possible through love (agape).

“It must become possible for a person to transform this capacity for love into a power of cognition. […]

The great mystery of the Fifth Gospel in our time is associated with this. It had to be given to mankind so that human beings can come to a recognition not only of the sorrows of Jesus but quite especially of those of Christ and through this knowledge – if it becomes an inner communion – are able to ease His present sorrows.

For ‘if we try to bring what we call our knowledge [what is meant here is anthroposophical knowledge] to consciousness in such a way that, by filling our soul with ideas about the spiritual world, we become aware that the spiritual world is entering into us, that we are uniting ourselves with the spiritual world; if we view this as a communion and are able to achieve true knowledge (thinking is the true communion of mankind, you will find this sentence already formulated in 1887); if we can bring all this about – what was the symbolic sacrament of the altar becomes a general sacramental experience of knowledge. The Christianising of mankind must proceed in this direction (ibid.).” And the Earth Becomes a Sun by Sergei Prokofieff.

Image: Golgotha by Iris Sullivan

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