Lent Day 5

My spiritual teacher spoke these powerful words not long before he died. He knew Christ intimately and loved him without reserve. He taught me to love him and see him as the Cosmic being who worked out how to navigate the ‘untrodden’ path to this earth to experience death for the first time. Of all the beings in the universe, only a human being could help him experience this. That human being was called Jesus. We show our gratitude to Jesus by working out how to see Christ – otherwise the deed is in vain.

“I believe that you cannot love the Christ properly without having seen him. If you create within your soul a picture of the Christ using your own imagination, hold that picture before you in your brain as you contemplate it, then you will find that your love becomes stronger.

The wonder of the Christ Spirit is that He is not fastened to a particular manifestation. So even if you create that picture within your consciousness, with all the beauty you can give it – and each picture from each person can be different and probably is, He manifests himself through the picture that you create. The manifestation of the Christ is not limited.

Then you start loving him better, deeper, greater. Then your devotions are no longer a duty, then they are a joy. Then your prayers are a deep need for communication, then your love will be extended and become manifest in all areas of your life.” Rev Mario Schoenmaker 1996

Light and Colour (Goethe’s Theory) – the Morning after the Deluge – Moses Writing the Book of Genesis by Joseph Mallord William Turner exhibited 1843

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