Lent Day 6

Lent is an excellent time to contemplate love, especially our love for Christ and for Jesus. Using our imagination, as we work on our relationship with these beings and create images of them, we will feel love. Our love for them, and their love for us, will be palpable. When we focus on this idea of love we will feel enveloped by it and quickened by it. We can think of Sophia’s love for her child.

In the Fifth Gospel, which Rudolf Steiner accessed in the Akashic Records, he explained what happened to the disciples at Pentecost, an experience that can happen to us at any time.

“The Apostles felt as if there had actually descended upon them from the Cosmos, something which could only be called the Substance of all-prevailing Love. They felt as if they had been quickened from on high by this all-prevailing Love, which awakened them from the dream-state into which they had fallen. It seemed to them as if they had been wakened to life by the primal force of Love pervading and warming the Cosmos, as if this primal force of Love had come down into the soul of each one of them.”

Image: Sophia by Iris Sullivan

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