Lent Day 10

“Materialism and egoism bring disintegration to humanity, for the individual human being only regards his own interests.”

Whenever we put ourselves first, we exclude others, we push them away and in this way make them feel less important, of less value. Unless we turn this around, we will contribute to the disintegration of humanity.

As we begin to see the importance of Christ’s deed, we see how through the flowing of his blood egotism was replaced by the Higher Self which now dwells in our blood. Through the wisdom that stems from that, we begin to reunite with the human beings who have become separated by egotism. This happens in freedom, we change, and our relationships change. A new, respectful community begins to grow.

Then we understand that all individual egotism flows away with the blood of Christ on the Cross.

Ideas and quotes from a lecture Rudolf Steiner gave on 7th of March, 1907

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