Lent Day 11

The mystery of Christ will never be understood as long as we think of Him as a being ‘out there somewhere’. He is no longer out there; from the moment his blood flowed from the cross into this earth he became anchored here. He is part of the life force of this earth and he imbues everything that grows out of this earth.

As we eat the food produced from this earth we take him into ourselves. Lent is a good time to be grateful for this life-giving gift each time we eat. In this way we develop a more intimate relationship with him.

In the lecture series published at The Karma of Materialism, Rudolf Steiner explains that Christ is an impulse that comes from within man yet does not stem from man himself.

“Christ, the God who descended from cosmic heights into earthly life, lives in us as truly as our own highest being lives in us.” 21st August 1917

Image: Golgotha by Iris Yves

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