Lent Day 15

“The course of human evolution has brought it about that ever since the Mystery of Golgotha, and particularly in recent centuries, all that can properly be called experience of the Christ has fallen into complete decadence.” Rudolf Steiner October 31st, 1920

Reading these words gives cause for review of our own ideas about the being called Christ. Of course we can’t know a lot about him because he is a being of such magnitude that it would be impossible to understand him fully.

Knowing that a man called Jesus was able to prepare himself to receive this being into his body is an awe-inspiring thought. To know that when Jesus’ blood flowed down from the cross into the earth, this mighty Cosmic Christ claimed this earth as his body, can fill us with love and gratitude. Contemplating this deed can fill us with determination to know him better than we do during Lent and Easter.

Calvary by Odilon Redon

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