The fire in the human being

Lent Day 17

Understanding our I-being is the greatest challenge we face in our time. We only have a personal sense of ourselves as individuals because of Christ. Before Christ, and indeed now, without Christ, we were part of a tribe or nation. Tribalism is found in sport, in music, in academia, and we encounter nationalism when we identify strongly with our country or race. To find Christ we first need to identify our I-being.

What is the “I”?

We know that each person is an individual with a specific character, a particular make-up, and each person expresses self in the world accordingly. This ‘self’ is the name we call ourselves when we say “I”. The “I”, the self, is the essence of the individual, it is our “I”dentity. Because it is an integral part of us, we often do not notice what it is, or how it works. The “I” is the kernel of our personality which we cannot grasp as we are not able to grasp our right hand with our right hand. Kristina Kaine I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest  – Kindle version available on Amazon

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