Christ Jesus ascending

Lent Day 28

Christ does not take our sin away, but he does prevent our sin from damaging the universe. While he doesn’t resolve our karma for us, he will certainly strengthen us to resolve it if we have a strong relationship with him.

“When we grasp the true meaning of human freedom, we can have no wish that a sin should be so forgiven us that we would no longer need to pay it off in our Karma. […] So let us realize that Karma will not be taken from us, but that our debts and sins will be wiped out from the Earth-evolution through what has come in with the Mystery of Golgotha.” July 15, 1914

With deep gratitude and love for the Deed of Christ we will be more mindful of the way we create karma and in so doing we will lessen Christ’s workload.

Christ Blessing by Raphael

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  1. Moira Lorraine

    This reminds me of the Mystical transmutation of the Great way- from chains of lead to chains of Gold.We are All responsible for our own Karma-Now we need to accept the Grace, mercy and Salvation of Christs Blood of Redemption.-to give us New Life.Thankyou Kristina for giving me a daily Loveline through your Blessed writings of Light via your Pearls of Great Wisdom.Moira ex Rhodesia-now Zimbabwe xx

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