Lent Day 31

Rudolf Steiner described many times, in many different ways, the nature of the I Am and its relationship to the Christ. In a lecture about the Lord’s Prayer given in 1907 he gave this powerful description.

“One may picture this ‘great sacrifice,’ the highest expression of will in divine nature, by imagining oneself before a mirror in which one’s image is reflected. This image is, of course, an illusion, a semblance. Now carry over this image to the point of imagining yourself dying, sacrificing your existence, your feeling and thought, your very being, to inject life into that image.”

This describes what Christ did when he entered fully into Jesus. It also describes what we do when we connect with our own I Am. We step out of our earthly ego, the mirrored reflection, and we begin to express ourselves through our Higher Self, the I Am.

Metamorphosis by Iris Yve

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