Lent Day 32

April 1

Making Christ a living reality in our lives is the purpose of every human being on this earth. There are many ways to do this. Contemplating what Rudolf Steiner said in many lectures is a very helpful way to bring Christ to life in our lives.

“Christ works as a macrocosmic Power and is not a teacher like the other teachers of humanity. He has united Himself with the Earth, as a reality, as power, as very life. [ …] Life today is such that the religious longings of men do indeed incline towards Christ; but the true sources of Christianity must be rediscovered. And it is to this end that the stream of spiritual life going out from Jeshu ben Pandira flows into unity with the other stream which, at the beginning of the thirteenth century, is connected with the name of Christian Rosenkreutz.” Rudolf Steiner 18 November, 1911

Icon The Resurrection.

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