Lent Day 34

We will never understand the Mystery of Golgotha and the Christ Being if we remain in the sense world and try to comprehend the man nailed to the cross on a hill only with our senses. We have to rise out of the sense world – experience an inner resurrection if you like – and acknowledge with veneration the spiritual event that took place. In this way, we awaken “the very power in our soul […] that constitutes our highest faculty.”

In other words, all we need to understand Christ is already within us, we just need to become aware of it. This is an awakening of the Holy Spirit within us signified by the dove.

Rudolf Steiner says, “He must deepen himself inwardly and intensify his consciousness if he wants to go beyond his understanding of the sense world and develop enough strength to allow the spiritual significance of the Mystery of Golgotha to become a truth for his soul.” Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion, lecture VII

Christ in the “Holy Trinity” by Masaccio, c. 1427, Fresco, Santa Maria Novella, Florence.

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