Lent Day 38

Christ will not come to earth again in the flesh. He came once to enter into each of us so that we can manifest his presence. How do we do this? In our etheric body, that vital life-force that keeps us, and this earth and all that it contains, alive.

In his book “The Michael Mystery” Sergei Prokofieff (p127) quotes Rudolf Steiner from a lecture given 26th December 1914, the first Christmas experienced in WWI. Steiner says that the new Christ-comprehension IS the child that is born at Christmas, that this child will live and grow up in our consciousness “in such a way that there can incarnate in it [our consciousness] the etherically appearing Christ.”

Prokofieff explains it beautifully in a note: “To attain the Christ-comprehension in the way Rudolf Steiner represented it all his life in Anthroposophy, is simply impossible to attain without its being infused with Christ-consciousness.” Note 20 Ch IV

Etheric Christ Glimpses – Bradford Riley

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