Palm Sunday

Through the 40 days of Lent we have contemplated many astounding ideas put forward by Rudolf Steiner. As we stand in Palm Sunday at the entrance to Holy Week, it is good to think about the image of Jesus riding the colt.

“The story is telling us that the colt, our astral, has never been ridden by the I Am [Jesus]. This is a very important point. If we think about a colt being ridden for the first time we know that a lot of bucking is involved. This is what happens within us. Not only do we buck when our own I Am tries to ‘sit’ on our astral body, we also buck when someone nearby is integrating their I Am.” ‘Who is Jesus : What is Christ’ Vol 4 by Kristina Kaine

Rudolf Steiner spoke of this bucking, or repelling in this way.

“Because the etherised blood of Jesus of Nazareth is present in the etheric body of the Earth, it accompanies the etherised human blood streaming upwards from the heart to the brain, so that not only those streams of which I spoke earlier meet in man, but the human blood-stream unites with the blood-stream of Christ Jesus. A union of these two streams can, however, come about only if a person is able to unfold true understanding of what is contained in the Christ Impulse. Otherwise there can be no union; the two streams then mutually repel each other, thrust each other away.” 1 October, 1911

Painting by Iris Yve

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