St John’s Day present

Free for 3 days

This book describes the esoteric results of the work of John the Baptist whose birth we celebrate on June 24 – St John’s Day.

At this time we can step into the Jordon and prepare to be baptised, prepare to receive the Holy Spirit (our own I AM) into our soul to enable the presence of Christ in our earthly activity.

I offer this book free for three days. I would be very grateful if you would write a short review on Amazon after you have read it – this makes it easier for other people to find it.

St John’s Initiation Secrets 


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  1. Dear Kristina, On Snt Johns day J L Torres asked what was /is the CENTRAL SUN…IIT was represented. In past ages as. ORION. (With. The 3 stars. In. The. Belt. As. Representing. The 3 WISE. MEN. Who. Gave 3 Gifts to one. Of. The Jesus children, -the Matthew. Jesus. The other Jesus was the LUKE child. Now (2000 yrs later ) there are 3 possibilities My choice is the Triple STAR SIRIUS a,b ,c. it Was in Gemini (the TWINS) and is now at 14 degrees Cancer (the 7 the Holy Night ) Sirius is the brightest Star in the Universe and used to represent the Egyptian Trinity of Osiris ,ISIS and HORUS (the son/sun) mother Isis and father Osiris ..nowadays we know the Trinity as the FATHER ,SON and HOLY SPIRIT ..we have Procyon at 26 degrees Cancer (the exalted REDEEMER) Alcyone is the largest of the 7 Sisters. -the PLEIADES at 25 degrees. Taurus (representing a Feminine energy ) lastly the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees Sagittarius where SATURN is at 27 degrees Sagittarius (KARMA ,TIME and DESTINY)and equals the FATHER…See the WITNESS of the STARS by EW BULLINGER from where my source is from..2 psalms mention the Magnificence of the Stars from where we originate…Psm 8 and Psm 19 .Thnx Kristina for your Divinely inspired words flowing through you from your I-AM CHRISTED self within the Centre of your Thinking Heart….

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