Speak to Christ, he will answer

Many of us struggle to understand the troubling times we live in. It seems that every kind of violence is not only escalating but it is more brazen. What are we to make of this?

One thing is for sure, we should not respond with fear and judgment. Compassion and love are called for, always mindful that the king and shepherd of this world is guiding us forward. Why is he doing in this way? Well, as Rudolf Steiner explains, we should ask him.

“Why do we study spiritual science [Anthroposophy]? We do it to learn the vocabulary that we need to draw closer to Christ. […] we need to learn to find in that language the questions we can address to the Christ. He will answer; yes, he will answer!”

Rudolf Steiner. Building Stones for an Understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha

Image: The head of Christ carved by Rudolf Steiner

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  1. my dear Sister in Christ..Our Beloved Teacher Rev Mario ,taught us that these times now and continuing into the far future have a KARMIC swinging of the Pendulum which is associated with the CRUSADES .-between the dark ahrimanic forces and the CHRISTED -MICHAEL -MELCHIZEDEK BROTHERHOOD..in order for the penultimate melding of Muslim ,Jew ,and other religions of Humanity – these bonds MUST be broken apart , WAR is the means by which this is done..The streams of refugees are moving across the world and thus as CHRISTED Beings we are given the TASK of COMPASSION in. aCTION..The eventual colour of our AURA and SKIN will be GOLDEN..I have also observed that RAMADAN (Holy month ) is now in progress..the Christian Feasts also Quicken our Souls to AWAKEN..2 quotes – (?? Einstein )( ? When evil is done and we say and do nothing to help those in extremis We are assisting darkness..2)(Pres Roosevelt – we have nothing to fear except fear itself. 3)( MARIOS Admonition – HOLD FAST TO THAT WHICH is GOOD .xxxMoira

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