Advent Week 4

We stand before the mightiest event in the universe, a God becomes a man. We can’t possibly comprehend how this came about but we can show deep gratitude to the whole Celestial Hierarchy for making it possible. And, we can bow before the tenth Hierarchy, mankind, for being ready to receive a God so far removed from us in the scheme of things that we can only stand in awe.

This event was only possible because of human blood. In this way Rudolf Steiner explains why;

‘“Blood is a very special fluid.” The God of Form, Jehovah, now played a specially important role. He took possession of the newly developed organ, the blood, permeated it with His forces, transformed the aggressive qualities of the courageous soul into the forces of love and made the blood into the physical vehicle of the Ego.’ 19 November, 1907

What does that mean for us as we stand before the Christmas event of 2017? As human beings take into themselves the Ego, the I AM, they have the possibility of becoming beings of spiritual freedom, spirits of Love.

How free are we? How much do we love? Perfect questions to ask ourselves, our answers will give us the opportunity to self-gift. The smallest decision to free ourselves from constraints like self-doubt, for instance, will set us up for greater freedom in 2018. Even the slightest increase of love, first for self, then for others, will open us to the whole Celestial Hierarchy we have been considering during Advent.

It is also through freedom and love that human beings inform the Hierarchy, enriching them and making them more capable of creating balance in the Cosmos. Every action that causes imbalance has the possibility of being corrected by our ability to be truly human.

“From their heights the Gods [Celestial Hierarchy] reach down into the ocean of humanity and feel the warmth of love. We know that the Gods lack something when man does not live in love. The more human love there is on earth the more food for the Gods there is in heaven; the less love there is, the more the Gods hunger.” Rudolf Steiner 13th August 1908

Tomorrow we begin our journey through the Holy Nights. Our preparation through Advent will assist us to walk this path with love. I will again write new Meditations and you can buy a copy of the previous year’s meditations 2011/12 to 2015/16 as an ebook or paperback.

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  1. Kristina….your writings and Teachings are filled with Wisdom ,Truth .. And Divine Love. Manifest…Great. gratitude I send to you for your Grace….a well loved song I dedicate. To you and Sharers of this Treasure of a website ..George. Benson Greatest. Love of all…to me you embody the JOY and Gifts of Christmas …EVERY DAY…..Gratefully Moira Lorraine.

  2. George Benson .Greatest love of all (lyrics ) TheWordinotherWords….If we can Love ourselves in an unselfish way ….then possibly this Earth can be kinder and gentler to our innocent babes and children……for These are our greatest Teachers….if we can get up after the LONG NIGHT of the SOUL and DO what Needs to be done for the well being of ALL our Children across the World .then we can Sow SEEDS. Of HOPE for their future…When you pray and light candles ,Remember the homeless, Stateless Refugees….Especially remember the children trapped in conflict and war…Yemen 1 MILLIon dying from starvation and Cholohra…Syria , Myanmar ,Africa ,India and 3 rd world countries….or 3rd World conditions…REMEMBER the Suffering when you pray….we would need BILLIONS of Dollars and candles to help and uplift those in need….Yet Spiritual thought directed to the outcasts takes only your TIME and GOODWILL…..Can we do with less??? YES…Jesus said ,if you have 2 coats give to the beggar that has none…..Ghandhi and others taught self sufficiency .teach to plant ,fish ,care for others and the next harvest will be generated by those who were taught …..How much MORE SO if one is Taught to Comprehend Spiritual Teachings……..excuse my spelling (sleep deprivation ) …..surely Someone out there will Respond to the Afflicted…..??? Moira Lorraine.

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