Love Everyone – can we do it?

This is one of the most powerful stories I have ever read about peace and love.

“In May 1945, immediately after the end of World War II, George Ritchie, a young American soldier, found himself with a group of American physicians in a German concentration camp near Wuppertal.'” They offered medical assistance to the thousands of former prisoners who were close to dying of starvation. In the midst of this unimaginable misery, Ritchie encountered a man who made a profound impression on him. He stood out among the other prisoners because, in contrast to them, his bearing was bolt upright, his eyes clear, and he had a virtually inexhaustible energy.

Since he spoke five languages fluently, the Americans appointed this man interpreter, in the course of which he was tirelessly busy helping people for 15 to 16 hours a day. He radiated an atmosphere of love and compassion from which others drew nourishment. Ritchie called this man, a Polish Jew, ‘Bill Cody’. To Ritchie’s astonishment he had apparently spent many years in this camp, during which he lived on the same starvation diet as all other prisoners and slept in the same disease-infested barracks. But unlike the others he did not look like a living skeleton.

Each group in the camp seemed to regard him as their friend. If a quarrel erupted he was called to arbitrate and mediate. He also continually talked with the former prisoners, who were so locked into hatred that they wished to shoot every German on sight, and urged them to forgive their enemies. When Ritchie comments that this will not be easy for them after all they have experienced, Cody tells him his own story, as follows:

We lived in the Warsaw ghetto, my wife and I, our two daughters and our three small sons. When the Germans reached our street they put everyone against the wall and opened fire with their machine-guns. I begged to be allowed to die with my family, but because I spoke German they put me on a forced-labour crew.

He pauses for a moment and continues: At that moment I had to decide for myself whether to hate the soldiers who were responsible for this or not. It was in fact not a difficult decision. I was a lawyer. In my practice I had seen all too frequently what hatred can do to people’s body and spirit. Hatred had just cost the lives of the six most important people in my life. This is why at that moment I decided that for the rest of my life—whether this was a few days or many years—I would love everyone I came in contact with.

Ritchie suddenly realized that this—love for everyone—is the force that had kept this man, Bill Cody, so healthy and fit despite all the misery and deprivation he experienced.”

Quoted from “Time for Transformation – through Darkness to the Light” by Margarete Van Den Brink and Hans Stolp.

Painting: Christ by Leonardo Da Vinci

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  1. He was an Angel in disguise …he had a connection with his Humanity ,and the human condition…his Living Example will hopefully be remembered. In the future ,along with other Great Initiates…Martin Luther King,Ghandhi ,Anwar Sadat, FDRooreveldt, Churchill.Archangel Michael leading his Army of Christ..Humanity is heading into a New Paragdigmal Shift Upwards over the next 10-40 years ,which includes Mother Earth. Thus an increase in volcanoes…earthquakes , floods and droughts, Please note the Tonnes of dead fish ,washed up on shores ,rivers, lakes…..stranded whales, dolphins, seals, turtles ,flocks of dead birds of many species dying everywhere. ….Sea and water pollution ,radiation , oil,and red algae,…the most precious comodoty will be WATER (potable) .learn Hydrophonics and have greenhouses in the desert across Australia in the future when we become the New ARK …Deserts will flower, corn and wheat will be grown, as will hemp .new fruit,New SEEDS…of the Christ. China is building housing. We should be building functional housing units ,as a sudden influx of survivors will need Shelter from the Many Storms ahead,become Strong, Open minded ,Courageous and Inventive. MLK said silence and indifference are insidious ,and rampant…..Be the Change ,Be the Revolution ,Be Wisdom…Remember this posting …Times are about to Speed up….listen to With God on our Side ,Bob Dylan…Sandrevan lullaby Rodriguez (long version ) ….

  2. A very sweet story. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been wondering how to proceed after the Holy Night readings. I feel this issue of being able to love everyone is up for me now. How to just accept people where they are…

    1. Kristina Kaine

      It is an ongoing challenge for me too Kristin. How do we genuinely love those who really repel us.
      The Holy Nights accompany us through the year, each one in turn through each month. I will be re-posting them – as someone suggested to be in line with the zodiac calendar around the 21st of the month.
      For Lent I will write about the Seven Sayings from the Cross which will compliment our conversations with Christ during the Holy Nights.
      Thank you for travelling with me.

  3. How do you love someone that repels?….Leonardos Christ has his finger pointing to the Father who gives strength when everything fails or falls apart…This humble ,noble,Saint has all the qualities I lack…I apologise for making comments that have offended.Words can hurt..Words can wound, far more than broken bones…I shall keep THIS precious Human Being in mind …for He portrays many of the higher Christ Qualities…Regards ,Respectfully.

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