Birth of John the Baptist

St John’s Tide approaches

When the bible tells us that God is love it indicates that love is a substance, a creative substance through which all things are possible. The more love within us, the more fertile we are.

Place yourself in this story which Luke describes (see Luke 1:1-25). Imagine being born the child of parents old enough to be our grandparents or great grandparents. Compare that with being born to a young couple who would have quite a different focus in life; a couple who had to make a home, earn a living and possibly having other children to care for. How different would it be to be born into a family who had longed to have a child over so many years? This speaks of a wise love and gratitude for a longing fulfilled.

St John’s Tide, which celebrates the birth of John the Baptist, is first and foremost the festival of the birth of love. That wise love that is necessary for us to prepare the way for the Lord, our I AM.” Kristina Kaine The Esoteric Christian Festivals – yet to be published.

Holy Family and Family of John the Baptist by Andrea Mantegna Isola di Carturo, circa 1431


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