John the Baptist beheaded

St John’s Tide approaches

The first thing we encounter when we connect up with our spirit is the need for brotherhood and community. It is the astral that says it doesn’t need a community, that we can find the Christ Impulse ourselves, for Christ is accessible to anyone and everyone. This may bear some truth however there are forces to be developed within us that can only be developed in fraternity, in community.

Steiner says [lecture 14.12.1919] that we cannot connect up with the spiritual worlds without this confidence in others. Not confidence arising from blind belief in authority, but from common sense. We must always remember that the insight we gain from the spiritual worlds can always be comprehended by common sense.

Steiner also says this: The fact is, we are in the period of humanity’s evolution in which the Gods will immediately help if men turn to them, but in which the Gods are compelled by their laws to deal with free men, not with puppets.” Kristina Kaine The Esoteric Christian Festivals – yet to be published.

Image: The face of St. John the Baptist in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Amiens

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