Michaelmas Preparation

Together we can create an atmosphere which attracts spiritual beings. Our modern rational mind does not accept this so easily. However, it is a fact that together we can create a light bright enough to give new life to this cosmos. If this thought becomes real to us, if we truly believe it, then it is a Michael thought.

As we contemplate the mission of the Archangel Michael the images that rise up within us become a reality in the world. This is what the benevolent spiritual beings long for. This is what the malevolent beings work against. These malevolent beings, known as Lucifer and Ahriman, would have us remain unconscious, numb to the Michael Imaginations.

We can create some living impressions to carry through to Advent when the angels draw close to herald in the Christmas Imaginations. These Imaginations that we create are not fantasy, they are living Imaginations which arise when we infuse our thinking with will.

Michael and the Dragon by Ninetta Sombart

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