Preparing for Michaelmas

One way to prepare for Michaelmas is to “stop and smell the flowers” more often. Not only that, but to appreciate our whole environment from which we receive sustenance for the life of our body, soul and spirit.

“Do not look at the flowers so abstractly, nor form such abstract mental pictures of them: let rather your heart and your Gemüt [soul warmth] enter into what lives, as soul and spirit, in the flowers, for it is imploring you to break the spell. — Human existence should really be a perpetual releasing of the elemental spirits lying enchanted in minerals, plants, and animals.”

If we don’t do this there are serious consequences as Steiner point out. “with the result that man, instead of releasing the plant elementals from their spell through his soul and Gemüt, unites them with the Dragon, allows them to perish with the Dragon in his lower nature.”

Rudolf Steiner Michaelmas and the Soul-Forces of Man Lecture 2…/…/English/AP1946/19230928p01.html

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