Advent Week 4

Our true purpose is to know our true Ego, our Higher Self, our I Am. My spiritual teacher, Rev Mario Schoenmaker, as well as Rudolf Steiner, dedicated their lives to revealing the nature of the True Self. It can only be found when the Spirit of Christ is alive within us. There is no other way.

In his Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, written at the end of his life Rudolf Steiner said that the event of Golgotha is a free cosmic deed springing from Universal Love, and it can be comprehended only by human love. The birth of Jesus who received into himself the Cosmic Christ gave us the ability to take into ourselves the highest form of love. This love is beyond friends and family, it is called agape in the Bible. It is a love human beings learn to express for every human being on the earth.

“For the true Ego, present in all the repeated lives on Earth, can manifest only when the faculty for love has been so greatly enhanced that any other being, whether outside in nature or in the spiritual world, has become just as dear to a man as in his self-love he is dear to himself. But the true Ego — the Ego that goes through all repeated births and deaths — is manifest to a man only when he no longer lives egotistically for momentary knowledge, but in a love that can forget self-love and can live in an objective Being in the way that in physical existence he lives in self-love. For this Ego of former lives on Earth has then become as objective for his present life as a stone or a plant is for us when we stand outside it. We must have learnt by then to comprehend in objective love something which, for our present subjective personality, has become quite objective, quite foreign. We must have gained mastery over ourselves during our present earthly existence in order to have any insight into a preceding one.” Rudolf Steiner, The Evolution of Consciousness, August 20, 1923

May we each experience a greater expression of this love at Christmas.

Nativity Albrecht Altdorfer 1513

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