Holy Night 12

January 4-5 – Sagittarius

During the 12th night the crowns won are placed at the feet of the divine, because we have struggled against ourselves, but what we have wrung from it is grace, is the law of the spirit. Because grace is a stream from a source that a human being cannot reach with human power. Now is the start and end of a spaceless time – timeless space. Now everything is eternal and holy! Sagittarius’ power striving towards the goal must be directed in this way, so that it can take up the spiritual Good it receives.

We must now take on into our lives what we have recognized and received in the twelve holy nights, and spiritualise matter and the soul.

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the Holy Nights given to Herbert Hahn
Translation from German by Laura Zanutto 2015 and Mark Willan 2016

  1. Heilige Nacht

4./5. Januar – Schütze

In der 12. Nacht wird die errungene Krone zu Füssen des Göttlichen niedergelegt, denn wir haben sie zwar selbst erkämpft, aber daß wir sie erringen durften ist Gnade, ist Gesetz des Geistigen. Denn Gnade ist Zustrom aus einer Quelle, die der Mensch mit menschlicher Kraft nicht zu erreichen vermag. Nun wird Anfang und Ende eines, raumlose Zeit – zeitloser Raum. Alles ist ewiges, heiliges Jetzt! Die zielstrebigen Kräfte des Schützen müssen so eingesetzt werden, daß er geistiges Gut in Empfang nehmen kann.

Das, was wir in den zwölf Heiligen Nächten erkannt und empfangen haben, müssen wir nun in das Leben hineintragen und die Materie und das Seelische durchgeistigen. R. Steiner

Contemplation 12: Kristina Kaine 2020

During these Holy Nights we have focused on the transformation that can take place within us as we apply spiritual principles to our earthly life. We have also considered the contribution we can personally make to human evolution when we begin to work more consciously with our body and soul to enable our spirit to express itself in the world.

Essentially it is about becoming aware that we are beings of soul and spirit expressing ourselves on the earth from time to time when we incarnate. In this way we connect with our eternal being. If we do this with some success we become much more pragmatic about life. Unless we understand that we reincarnate we will never understand our lives. Everything that happens in our lives stems from past lives; how we respond to events in our life creates our future lives.

It is so easy to say that we understand this and accept the principle of reincarnation, it is quite another thing to express that in all aspects of our life; in every thought, feeling and intention. If we can accomplish a level of awareness we will be able to experience what is spiritual in our physical life. It does take courage but we can be assured that if we have the right intention we will be supported by the spiritual worlds and all its beings. We will especially be supported by Christ whose incarnation has given us the ability to become fully conscious.

Continuing Rudolf Steiner’s words quoted yesterday:

“A twofold soul condition must therefore be developed if we wish to enter the super-sensible world: on the one hand we should rise to the state of being existing in the spiritual world, and on the other hand we should be able to blot it out; that is to say, when we return to the physical world we must push into the background everything that constitutes our field of vision in the super-sensible world. For if we mix up these two worlds we become dreamers, false mystics, and so forth and can never become spiritual investigators.

Strength of soul should enable us to keep these worlds apart, but at the same time we should be able to connect physical things with super-sensible things, because the foundation of the physical world lies in the super-sensible world. This characterizes a spiritual investigator.” March 9, 1913 How Can We Gain Knowledge of the Supersensible Worlds?

Hopefully the ideas expressed during these Holy Nights will support us during the year ahead and assist this earth to fully express the presence of Christ.

Galahad and The Holy Grail by Edwin Austin Abbey

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