Holy Night 13 – 2021

Now we come to the 13th Holy Night. On the first Holy Night we celebrated the birth of Jesus. This birth awakened the deep memory within us of who we really are. It meant that we could touch the purity of our being as we were before we ever incarnated into a physical body. We have carried this memory in our heart through every incarnation on this earth. Twelve days ago we saw it lying there like a newborn.

Over these twelve nights and days we have tended this tiny child, using our Imagination to nurture it, to give it life. Now we have arrived at the night when this child, that innocent memory within us, is ready to receive the Cosmic Christ. From the celestial sun on the wings of the holy dove comes this Christ we have yearned for through all the incarnations we have ever lived. Now Christ himself can be experienced within our being, this is our baptism, our Epiphany.

Do we really understand what it means to have the presence of the living Christ within us? On this night we have the opportunity to create a living Imagination of what this means. This journey over the last twelve days and nights, from Jesus to Christ, has changed us forever. We will carry our work in our hearts through the twelve months that follow.

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The Reflections written between 2016 – 2021 will be available after January 6 2021

Art: Baptism of Jesus by Aert de Gelder’s 1710

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