What is the Phantom Body?

Now, more than ever, we must work at understanding the human being.
“We have reached a stage in evolution when we can approach a true understanding of the hidden story behind the words on the pages in the Bible. One reason the truth is not revealed is because the forces of opposition, Lucifer and Ahriman, work hard to keep it hidden; the other reason is because we have to uncover it ourselves. The uncovering of the truth, the removing of the veil, awakens within us the living presence of Christ. Keep in mind that Lucifer wants to darken and distort our perception of the past; and Ahriman wants to distort the future and interfere with our development. Our task is to call them out, to see what they are up to as we watch world events and even in our daily interactions and our thinking.
In chapter 1 of his book, Sergei Prokofieff explains in compelling detail the events of the life of Jesus as he took into himself the Cosmic Christ, which as a consequence gradually replaced the human Jesus. This was for the express purpose of restoring the phantom body to its primordial state to enable it to assume the Resurrection body. The phantom body was restored fully by the time Jesus was nailed to the cross, and after that, it began to be imbued with the Resurrection body. This restoration occurred over the three years; in the first year it was the part of the phantom that underlies the head system that was restored; in the second year it was restored for the rhythmic system, and in the third year for the limbs.
Remember that this phantom body is the transparent human form minus any physical substance. We should always remember Steiner’s words, “The human soul has descended from a higher world to the physical body. We are not physical but have descended to the physical world.”
For the restoration of the phantom to be successful it is important to understand that the phantom body could not come in contact with physical flesh – which was its downfall in the first place. This is what St Mark tells us when he wrote, “And a young man followed him, with nothing but a linen cloth about his body; and they seized him, but he left the linen cloth and ran away naked.” This young man is the phantom body.
The incompatibility between the phantom and the physical made things difficult for Jesus as he approached the cross, and he had to manage the purity of the phantom which rejected his physical body while on the other side, the Christ Spirit had to manage the powerlessness of being confined in a physical body. All this was necessary for the restoration of the phantom and the rescue of humanity.” Who is Jesus : What is Christ? by Kristina Kaine – available on Amazon
Women at the Tomb by Fra Angelica

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