Becoming conscious of our I Am

It is not unusual to hear those on the spiritual path say that we are part of the All. For them, the highest point of spiritual development means to lose our ‘self’ in the All. We experienced this condition a very long time ago and we are moving away from it as we become increasingly conscious of our I Am. In his book Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner explains our current condition very clearly.

“This state in which the personality becomes one with the all-embracing spirit of life, must not be confused with an absorption in the “All-Spirit” that annihilates the personality. No such annihilation takes place in a true development of the personality. Personality remains preserved as such in the relationship into which it enters with the spirit-world. It is not the subjection of the personality but its higher development that takes place. If we wish to have a simile for this coincidence or union of the individual spirit with the “All-Spirit,” we cannot choose that of different circles which, coinciding, are lost in the one, but we must choose the picture of many circles of which each has a distinct shade of colour. These differently coloured circles coincide, but each separate shade preserves its existence within the whole. Not one loses the fullness of its individual power.” Theosophy Ch 6

Image: Can I Learn to Receive

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