Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development now occurs within us, through our own efforts, and according to our connection with our I Am. Rudolf Steiner explains this clearly in the following words.
“Since the year 1899, however, such happenings (spiritual awakening) have taken on a more intimate character. They are less outward and the human soul is deepened more and more inwardly. In fact, in order to produce such a universal revolution as that of 1899, not only all the powers and beings of the spiritual world had to cooperate, but also the initiates who lived on earth. They do not say, “Prepare yourselves.” They do not shout it in people’s ears, but they act in such a way that the impulse comes from within so that people learn to understand it from within. Then people remain inwardly calm, concern themselves with such thoughts, allow them to work within the soul, and wait. The more quietly such thoughts are carried in the soul, the more strongly such spiritual events occur. The most important thing is to wait the moment of grace, to wait for what will happen to us in the spiritual world.”
Art: Transformation by Alexander Ivanov

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